Gourmet Maple Syrup: Everything Nice Is Not Fattening After All

Published: 18th February 2010
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Ever wondered about that delicious syrup that you so greedily pour over your pancakes? If you have then read on for all that you ever wanted to know about. While the origins of the gourmet maple syrup remain shrouded in mystery, it is for certain that this delicacy has been present since before recorded history. However, they can be forgiven for being mistaken as it is hard to believe that something so delicious does not harbor any adverse effects for the human body.

However, the famous maple syrup is just not good for the sweet tooth, but its benefits are far more profound than the tantalizing taste of the sticky syrup. Children require a healthy immune system more than any other age group. The well-being of the immune system is, more or less, directly dependent on zinc and manganese.

Apart from its delicious taste, the most outstanding quality of maple syrup would be the health benefits. From anti-oxidizing qualities to minimal calories and maximum nutritious value, this God-send miracle syrup is actually just what the doctor ordered. Moreover, manganese serves a key purpose in the de-toxification and energy production in the body and according to the USDA Nutrient Database, a single ounce of pure maple syrup contains 22 percent of the daily requirement of this highly essential mineral.

The other mineral, zinc, helps maintain healthy arteries and veins, which in turn prevents atherosclerosis, or in layman terms, the gathering of a waxy plaque on the insides of the arteries or veins, which may lead to blockages and torment the heart. Zinc is important in keeping you arteries healthy and ensuring the quick repair of damaged cells, membranes and arteries.

The other most highly abundant mineral in gourmet maple syrup is calcium. Actually, a tablespoon of syrup holds the same amount of calcium as whole milk, which apart from strengthening bones and teeth, helps in improving heart contractions and sending and receiving of nerve impulses. Calcium is also beneficial for white-blood cells; therefore, it indirectly boosts clotting and healing powers too.

While its purposefulness is not limited to gender, the syrup does hold special significance for men. High amounts of zinc are synonymous with a healthy prostate gland and that is exactly what the syrup provides. On top of that, manganese is known to be a catalyst in the breakdown of fats, cholesterol and fatty acids, while also having a role in the improvement of reproductive health in men, as it increases hormone production.

This sugary goodness is also good for those who plan on losing weight, due to its low calorie content. It can be used for a potent, healthier alternative to sugar in desserts and beverages. Also if diets are your thing, try the lemon-maple diet, which helps detoxify the body while you lose weight.

So if you want medicine fit for a king, switch to gourmet maple syrup, as there is nothing better than going organic.

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